Kemp Globus 

Visit our Camping Globus and discover the beauties of Prague. It is an ideal place for your vacation. The camp is open all year round, just choose a date and come. The place is ideal for all ages. In the camp you can book a only place for caravans.
Prices for 7 and more nights: 250 CZK/night,
for 4-7 nights 300 CZK/night and 1-3 nights 350 CZK/night

The camp is located near the motorway junction and offers a pleasant and quiet environment.

The camp offers facilities where you will find toilets, showers 50 CZK/person (with cold and hot water) and the possibility to add drinking water, 100 CZK / barrel. We also offer the possibility to buy breakfast, 150 CZK/person. You will also find a playground for children with environmentally friendly materials.
The Roztyly metro station is only 600 meters away from the campsite, and you can get anywhere in Prague quickly and comfortably. And if you need greenery, just go to the other side and you are in the largest forest park in Prague, Krčský les.



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