Meeting room 1 

Spacious meeting room with pleasant daylight, suitable for training and lectures for up to 55 people.

Of course, high-quality WiFi connection and modern audio-video technology with a sound system are included. Business days make your coffee breaks more pleasant and you can choose from a very varied menu.

Dimensions: 102,4 m²
Max. number of people: 35 "school"
Wheelchair access: yes

Daylight: yes
Dimming: yes
Air conditioning: yes

Meeting room 2 

Up to 35 people can comfortably sit in this meeting space, located on the ground floor of the hotel. 

The refurbished meeting space in a modern design will be a dignified environment for your get-togethers, meetings, presentations or other corporate events. The technical equipment is provided according to your wishes and requirements.

Dimensions:44,7 m²
Max. number of people: 20 "school", 35 "theatre", 16 "U-shape"
Wheelchair access: yes

Daylight: yes
Dimming: no
Air conditioning: yes

Business corner

Are you planning a meeting for a smaller group of people or a language course? A space with a capacity of 10 people is ready for smaller social events, also serving as a workplace for hotel clients. 

The room is cleverly located on the ground floor right next to the hotel reception and is equipped with a fax machine, photocopier and Internet access.

Dimensions: 19,4 m²
Max. number of people: 10
Wheelchair access: yes

Daylight: no
Dimming: no
Air conditioning: yes

Konference room C

The largest conference space accommodates up to 180 people and is mainly intended for larger lectures or social events. 

The space is part of the hotel restaurant with a separate entrance from the hotel lobby. Of course, it is possible to equip the hall with technology according to your requirements, including the integrated sound system.

Dimensions:105 m²
Max. number of people: 150 "school", 180 "theatre", 34 "U-shape"
Wheelchair access: yes

Daylight: yes
Dimming: yes
Air conditioning: no

Conference room - first floor

A smaller meeting room suitable for business presentations or smaller trainings.

It is located in a quiet part of the first floor of the hotel and conveniently accessible by elevator. Air conditioning, high-quality Internet access, projection screen with projector, and coffee breaks.

Dimensions: 35,5 m²
Max. number of people: 15 "school", 25 "theatre", 10 "U-shape" 
Wheelchair access: yes

Daylight: no
Air conditioning: yes

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